Learn how PainBloc24® can help your patients who struggle with arthritis.

PainBloc24® is the first OTC topical pain reliever that can help provide 24hr arthritis pain relief with as little as one application every day.

Reasons to recommend:

  • No OTC pain reliever lasts longer
  • Maximum dose of capsaicin allowed without a prescription
  • Patented formula enables the medicine to penetrate deeper
  • Clinical study conducted in osteoarthritis knee pain
  • Easy open arthritis-friendly cap

PainBloc24® is strong medicine.
What makes it that way?

PainBloc24® is made with the highest concentration of pharmaceutical-grade capsaicin allowed by the FDA without a prescription.

Capsaicin works by deactivating certain nerve fibers that transmit pain signals to the brain, and PainBloc24’s NeuroMax® technology is designed to work with your body to enable the medicine to penetrate deeper.

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