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Painbloc24 Pain Pen Maximum strength capsaicin for arthritis carpal tunnel hand pain .25% capsaicin
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Pain Tape

Patches for perfectly-placed relief
  • Proprietary, dry adhesive technology provides a strong adhesion designed to keep PainBloc24® Flexi-Stretch in place on moving joints, even while exercising
  • Revolutionary, 4-way stretch Pain Tape patch is thin, lightweight and breathable
  • So comfortable, you won’t even know it’s there
  • No mess, no unpleasant odor. Delivers maximum strength medicine in dry, easy-to-use strips
Tape on & carry on

Apply serious pain treatment to knees, back, elbows, neck, shoulders and more.

  • Formulated with 4% lidocaine, the maximum amount allowed without a prescription
  • Versatile strips provide targeted relief right where you need it. Single strips are ideal for elbows, neck and shoulders. Apply two strips for larger areas, such as knees. You can even cut strips into smaller sizes for smaller areas.
  • Maximum strength pain-relieving formula
  • Provides targeted, long-lasting, pain-numbing relief
  • Desensitizes aggravated nerves
  • Use up to 12 hours

Pain Pen

Painbloc24 Pain Pen Maximum Strength Capsaicin For Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Hand Pain .25% Capsaicin
Precisely Target Pain
  • The only OTC topical, 24-hour arthritis pain reliever*
  • Developed for pain in the hands and small joints related to conditions such as arthritis and carpal tunnel hand strain
  • PainBloc24® works by deactivating certain nerve fibers that transmit pain signals to the brain
  • Innovative design allows targeted application
  • Utilizes the non-prescription, maximum allowable level of Capsaicin (0.25%)

*Relief builds to full effect after several days. Use every day as directed.

Arthritis Pain concedes, you proceed
  • PainBloc24®’s pain relief builds and strengthens with use
  • Use this patented proprietary formula for 7 days straight and you can experience arthritis pain relief all month long
  • Within a week of use, the maximum pain-blocking power of PainBloc24®’s capsaicin takes hold, providing 24-hour relief for the rest of the month*

*Clinical study conducted in osteoarthritis knee pain

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