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Capsaicin—How It Works

A powerful pain reliever, powerfully innovated

Dr. Phil Birbara knew a thing or two about solving space-age problems. As a NASA chemist, he helped crack the code on creating drinkable water and breathable air to help humans survive in space. But it’s his knowledge of natural chemicals found in plants that’s making a big difference here on
earth – thanks to his patented, proprietary formula that uses capsaicin to provide 24-hour joint relief to arthritis sufferers.

Capsaicin is a naturally-occurring substance found in chili peppers. We’ve all experienced the “instant heat” sensation that comes from an unexpected bite into a hot pepper. That sensation is caused by capsaicin; a natural substance that gives chili peppers their “eye-watering” strength. This ingredient provides arthritis pain relief, as well as relief from aching muscles and joints by deactivating certain nerve fibers that transmit pain signals from the joint to the brain.

PainBloc24® is a topical pain reliever made with the highest concentration of pharmaceutical grade capsaicin allowed by the FDA without a prescription. Its patented NeuroMax® formula includes safe, non-active ingredients that support the tolerability and effectiveness of the capsaicin.

PainBloc24®’s NeuroMax® technology is designed to help the medicine more effectively penetrate the skin. Pain relief builds with each application and is so effective that in a clinical trial on osteoarthritis knee pain, patients who used PainBloc24® every day for a week, felt relief for the rest of the month, without reapplying.


Capsaicin – Powerful pain relief, powerfully applied

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What is Capsaicin?

Capsaicin is a naturally occurring substance found in chili peppers and it’s what gives them their “heat.”

How does topical Capsaicin work to relieve pain?

Capsaicin relieves pain at the source by deactivating certain nerve fibers that transmit pain signals to the brain for relief that builds with each use. Capsaicin helps to block joint pain signals and not just dull them.

How long does capsaicin take to work?

Pain relief builds with daily use. You may start to feel some relief within several hours after application. Capsaicin reaches its full effect in helping to relieve arthritis or muscular pain after several days of use.

Why does capsaicin “burn”?

If you feel a mild to moderate burning sensation, it is usually a sign that the capsaicin is starting to deactivate certain nerve fibers that carry sensations of heat and pain. This may be accompanied by mild redness. These side effects usually diminish with continued daily use and are not reasons to discontinue.

Can you be allergic to topical capsaicin?

Yes. Do not use topical capsaicin if you are allergic to chili peppers. Test on a small area prior to usage if this is the first time using topical capsaicin or if you have sensitive skin.

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