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Meet Our Team

The passion behind the product

Meet the Painbloc24 Team


“My close friend has arthritis in his knees. He tried other topical pain relievers, but they didn’t work well for him, so he was taking pills. I introduced him to PainBloc24 and now I see him every morning out walking and enjoying life and he’s even taking fewer pills. It’s great to realize that PainBloc24 has been such a help for him. His wife thanks me every time I see her.”

Meet the Painbloc24 Team


“My mom has arthritis. She was taking OTC pills because topicals didn’t work for her. Now, with PainBloc24, she has reduced the pills and has even resumed line-dancing! Not bad for a woman in her 80’s. She is thrilled and so am I.”

Meet the Painbloc24 Team


“I have osteoarthritis and tried other topical OTC pain relievers and just didn’t get the relief of PainBloc24. I’m an active cyclist and thanks to PainBloc24, I have less pain during my workouts. And along with feeling less pain, my sleep quality has greatly improved. I am grateful to be a part of a team that creates innovative pain relief solutions that can help improve people’s quality of life, including my own.”

Meet the Painbloc24 Team

Tracy—Operations & Quality Assurance

“I personally suffer from aches and pains, and I’m proud to work for a company that takes pain seriously and seriously helps to relieve pain.
I like that PainBloc24 is safe and effective and is affordable without prescription. Using PainBloc24 allows me to be more active with my children. I love seeing others use it and also find pain relief.”

Meet the Painbloc24 Team

Heather—Innovation & Operations

“I gave the PainBloc24® Pain Pen to my neighbor whose arthritis in her hands stopped her from cooking. She’d been telling me for years about how amazing her homemade marinara sauce was, but that she just couldn’t chop anymore. I would offer to chop them for her, but she was too proud to accept help. A week later, she brought me over a jar of homemade marinara sauce and it made me cry. Our products aren’t just taking away pain—they are giving people back their joy.”

Meet the Painbloc24 Team


“I’ve witnessed PainBloc24’s development. To see it in stores and hear how much it helps users live more freely and with so much less pain, is very gratifying. My passion for PainBloc24 is built on the relief we provide to people each and every day.”

Meet the Painbloc24 Team


“The arthritis in my mom’s hands prevents sewing, knitting, and crocheting—which she loves. Over the counter pain medicine offered only short-term relief. I sent her the PainBloc24 Pain Pen and she loves it! A little goes a long way according to her, and the pain relief lets her enjoy working with her hands again.”

Michelle—Consumer Services

“As the consumer services representative for PainBloc24, it brings me great joy when customers call to tell me how much it’s helped them. I’ve spoken with a 67-year old man who can now more easily walk up stairs, a 61-year old woman who uses it to relieve her osteoarthritis knee pain, and so many more! It’s inspiring to hear how PainBloc24 is changing lives for the better.”

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