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Vizuri Health Sciences Consumer Healthcare, Inc.

The Makers of PainBloc24

Mission Statement

At Vizuri, we believe that actively and joyfully experiencing life has no age limit. We develop pain-relieving innovations that allow you to say, “yes” to going, being and doing.

Our Story

Where “over the hill” means you’re boldly on to the next hill

Milt and Charlie hovered near the punch bowl at their 50-year high school reunion. As they looked around the room, playing a game of Identify-The-Classmate, they noticed the wide spectrum of 60-something folks from those who seemed to be thriving, to those just surviving. This sparked a conversation that both Milt and Charlie wanted to have—they just didn’t know it until that moment.

On that night in Worchester, Massachusetts an idea was born out of a punch bowl, and a shared passion between respected rheumatologist and successful business entrepreneur.

Aging. Why must it debilitate and prevent so many people from the joys of pain-free mobility? Why should the “golden years” be painfully tarnished and infiltrated by time? Why must these debilitating effects with extreme emotional costs be concentrated on this age group? Almost on a whim, Milt and Charlie said, “Why don’t we just do something about it?”

Milt Peterson, a successful real estate developer, and Dr. Charlie Birbara, a leading rheumatologist and manager of clinical trials, decided to answer those questions and many more with an endeavor of their own.

They ardently believe that there is no age limit on living fully.

Wisely, the duo knew that more expanded brainpower would yield even better results. Charlie contacted his brother, Phil, a renowned NASA chemist with 50+ biochemistry related patents to his name, while Milt recruited his son, Rick, to tap into his business and finance skills, and his humanitarian spirit.

These four loaded up the metaphorical van and stepped hard and hopeful on the gas. The journey has brought them to what is now Vizuri Health Sciences Consumer Healthcare, Inc.

The early days (and nights) saw Phil and Rick working 16-hour shifts. Chemist Phil Birbara took up residence in his kitchen/laboratory. Phil was our “Professor,” always able to turn a coconut into a transistor radio, so to speak. With the home-based laboratory, came Phil’s wife Carol Birbara, a former nurse, who played a vital role in the progress of the company. (Thank you, Carol.) On the business side, Rick Peterson spent his lengthy days creatively guiding us through the typical challenges of most startup companies.

The passion for breaking through was both global and personal as three of the four founders shared the chronic pain of the ever-malicious Father Time. And, Dr. Birbara witnessed it up close daily in his rheumatology practice.

One of the questions the quartet asked themselves was, “Can we develop an effective pain-relieving formula inspired by nature?” Nature is working against us with age; perhaps nature could work for us in the relief of age-related pain.

They were fascinated by the potential medicinal benefits of certain natural compounds, like capsaicin, flavonoids and other polyphenols. The Vizurians wondered why others were not harvesting these ingredients to create cost effective treatments for a broad array of conditions and diseases.

This question opened their minds to PainBloc24®—their unique, patented formula, containing nature-inspired, active ingredient Capsaicin, delivering clinically shown arthritis pain relief.

Capsaicin is a well-understood, highly studied and serious pain medicine. As Milt liked to trumpet to anyone who would listen: “It just works!” In 2013, having unleashed the commercial potential of this amazing plant-based compound by creating the first, well-tolerated OTC Capsaicin formula at the highest allowable concentration, the company decided to focus on the possibilities of this ingredient.

The commercial vision of Vizuri Health Sciences Consumer Healthcare is to provide serious pain-relief benefits through the introduction of a multitude of innovative products.

“To do well by doing good,” is a common refrain today—but not as much in 2010 when our company was founded. We were, and are, ahead of the curve in our passionate and compassionate approach to our work.

It’s our natural mission to help people by delivering superior and unique Pain Management Solutions to the marketplace. Our company, built with a team of experts in health, wellness, and product development, share this same passion and compassion.

Our story proves once again, that everyone should attend his or her next class reunion… who knows, you may change the world for the better.

Where “over the hill” means you’re boldly on to the next hill
Actively and joyfully experiencing life has no age limit
Say “yes” to going, doing and living
Making nature work for you
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